Wedding Love: Mustache Mania

Okay, I know mustaches are so '10 - both 2010 and 1910 -  but I couldn't resist highlighting the crazy phenomenon that has become the mustache resurrection. Plus, next month (March 1st, to be exact) the Hotel Donaldson is throwing their annual Bros on Broadway bash. It's seriously the highlight of my winter and such a great time to give back to the dudes. Okay now, lets think about, what in the world could be more fun, more quirky, more outrageous than planning your wedding around mustaches? It's completely brilliant PLUS the groom has an excuse to grow some stellar facial hair. That makes everyone happy, right?

 Photo Credits 1. Mustache rooftop photo found on Erin Ever After (who found it, somewhere, on Style me Pretty) 2. Mustache cookies by Eat Cake be Merry 3. Mustache nails found on Pinterest 4. Mustache cufflinks by White Truffle 5.Mustache Save-the-Date by Blackbird Letterpress found on Oh So Beautiful Paper 6. Mustache wedding programs found on Offbeat Bride 7. Mustache Wine Glasses by stikrz