Get Documented

A sad and very true fact about photographers is that we are the WORST at being in photos. Maybe it's the because we feel more comfortable behind the camera. Or maybe we are just plain terrified the little box will explode (I haven't seen this...yet). For whatever reason, this problem needs to be remedied. I'm calling a challenge to all my photographer friends: get yourself documented. Enter Shawna of Shawna Noel Photography. This talented photographer is aware of the problem which is why a few weeks ago she asked me to snap a few photos of her and her long-time guy, Matt. I was so happy to meet the lively (and slightly sarcastic) duo up on their own turf and we had a blast boppin' around downtown Grand Forks.

The main reason for the shoot was to grab a few good photos of Shawna for her website, promotion use, ect. Isn't Shawna gorgeous? She should really flip around to the other side of the camera more often.