A New Journey

Well, hi there friends. Welcome to my new online home.

In case you haven’t noticed, you were scooted to my new URL - brittathephotographer.com. It’s nice, isn’t it? Clean and cozy - just the way I like it.

So,why all the newness? And what’s with these wedding and portrait categories? Well, if you haven’t guessed it already (or received a letter from my mum), today is the day I’m officially announcing the launch of my new photography business. From here on after you can call me Britta the Photographer. Or Britta. (Or just B.)

After seven wonderful years, I’ll bid Dave and the Milestones Photography family adieu at the end of the month and will become officially self-employed the 1st of January. I’ve been so honored to have documented so many wonderful stories through Milestones Photography and will be forever grateful for all the opportunities given to me by Dave.

Thanks Dave.

There are lots of great things in the works so stay tuned for an exciting opportunity and some super interesting posts in the coming weeks (including my in-house office redo). I’ve also launched a brand spankin’ new Facebook page (like it please... it’s very lonely), and, as always, you can find me on Twitter and Pinterest.

Thank you friends for beginning this new journey with me. It’s an exciting time and I can’t wait to share it with you!