The Camera Purse

Ladies and gentlemen (boys and girls)... introducing my brand new camera purse:

I'm so darn proud of my little creation I had to share it with you all. Over the last few weeks, I've become increasingly tired of my old school Domke bag. Don't take me wrong, Domke makes some killer products, but my bag was really not serving my purposes. For one, it looks like a camera bag (not so great when you want to blend in, especially when traveling). It also didn't sit on my hip very well which is super important when shooting a fast and crazy wedding day. At Milestones, I've been using the Think Tank Glass Taxi which is also a super nice bag. But, I found it too big and leaving it in random church corners while shooting. I wanted something closer... more comfortable... a little more stylish. Enter the camera purse.

Now, while I find the Kelly Moore and Shootsac camera bags quite adorable, I, at my heart, can be a bit frugal. So, thanks to a little research on Pinterest, I found this great tutorial on Vanilla & Lace on how to make your own camera purse. It was easier than expected and I'm so happy with the result!

Do you like the insides? It can hold (at least) four lenses and a camera body with a grip. It's pretty light weight and really padded so I'm never worried about setting it down. The padding is Velcroed to the purse which makes it feel even more secure.

The $$ breakdown: Purse: $39.99 TJMAXX (The most I've ever spent on a purse - but it was worth it. There are 7 pockets, 3 with zippers, real leather and the perfect size) Supplies: $20ish (velcro, velcro glue 1/2" high density foam. 1/4" craft foam) Additional Supplies: $0.50 (Awesome '60s era vintage fabric found via my favorite thrift store)

So, when all is said and done, my new purse cost about $60. The best part? It works.

A SUPER big thanks to my good friend Ann Arbor Miller who was suckered in taking ALL of these pictures (well, except for the very top one ) during our coffee date this afternoon. Thanks Ann!