Ashley + Zach: The Engagement Session

Isn't it funny how certain times of year are crazier than others? Take for instance this September. For this happy photographer, it's nuts... like totally crazy busy nuts. Not that I mind. I'm do my best work when things are slightly crazy. I'm starting to wonder if that's a good or bad trait... ...anywho, this weekend is the peak of the craziness with three (yes, three) weddings for the weekend. Today and Saturday I'll happily document a couple Milestones Photography weddings then on Sunday I get to spend the day with this ridiculously good looking couple:

After a very long 2.5 year engagement, Ashley and Zach decided it was FINALLY time to get hitched. So in just a few short months they have planned what I'm assuming is going to be a super awesome wedding... and I get to photograph all the fun! I've known Ashley since our MSUM Mass Communication days and lately we've bonded over our love of all things crafty. You might also remember Ashley from these photos documenting the making of her wedding dress. Yep, this means that next week you'll finally see the outcome of her beautiful gown.

Back to A + Z: As you'll be able to tell from these engagement photos, Ashley is super energetic and animated and Zach is definition of cool. Oh, and to top it off they are  both EXTREMELY dorky. They are a perfect couple.

Oh, did I mention Ashley and Zach are a little dorky?