Samantha + Michael

A couple weeks ago, our little family packed our bags (and our dance shoes) and headed out west for our niece's wedding. A grand time was had by all as we danced and boogied and did the Mash Potato. Okay, so we didn't do the Mash Potato. I'm really not sure what that is or if I'm that talented in the dancing department. In any case, it was super, super fun. Samantha and Michael were hitched at Corpus Christi Catholic Church in Bismarck. It is a beautiful and wide open church and was perfect for their bright and colorful wedding. I'm happy to say that my little girl was the flower girl in the wedding, though she didn't quite make it down the aisle and she didn't quite stay for the ceremony. That being said, being a mom of a flower girl and a sorta-photographer is hard work! I caught glimpses of Sami and Michael's wedding day, but by no means did I capture the whole story. But enough with the excuses, here are photographs:

Can you guess that Samantha is also a Mary Kay salesperson?

Here comes Ben and Kasey... they're next in line to get hitched (and I CAN'T WAIT for their California wedding next June!)

You all know Miss Chelsey, right? She's multi-talanted.

Yep... that's my girl. Like I mentioned earlier, we had a little break from the ceremony. What did we do during that time? Why explore the parking lot, of course! What a nice wedding (even if Edie and I missed more than half of it). Afterwards, we all headed to the Bismarck Municipal Country Club to celebrate. The country club was a great venue for a wedding. The food was great, the cake was even better, and the dance floor, well, the dance floor was out of this world.

Congratulations again Sami and Michael! Your wedding day was a blast!