Bike Jamboree!

The handy dandy thing about being married to a museum employee is that you get to know about every single (yes, every single) event that happens at said museum. The unfortunate thing about being married to a museum employee is that sometimes you don't make it to a lot of events, especially when you have a restless toddler at home. Luckily, last Wednesday our darling little girl was spending some sweet time with her MeeMah which meant I was able to spend some sweet time with my husband at work! Oh, how romantic :) Last Wednesday's event, the Bike Jamboree, was a fun collaboration between the Plains Art Museum, the Fargo-Moorhead Community Bicycle Workshop and Great Northern Bicycle Company. It was a great evening full of all things bike including the super awesome Big Bike-able Canvas, an evolving piece of artwork that became cooler as each public participant biked over it.

Setting up for the event:

Oh, and before we get to the artsy stuff, here are cupcakes... glorious, glorious cupcakes by Baking Cup. Nom.Nom.Nom.

(Oh, and Lemonade too.)

Okay, now to the artsy-fartsy fun... The making of the Big Bike-able Canvas!

Ahh... nice. Also a nice place to meet up with old friends...

Aside from helping out with the canvas, there was the opportunity to make cute little bike-related craft projects and the chance to fancify up your bike!

Oh, and because I love details:

Fun, fun and super fun!