Beautiful, glowing Emily

I find myself a pretty lucky person to come across so many awesome people in my day to day life. Take for instance Jon, who I met way back when my husband worked at the Hotel Donaldson. Jon is fantastic dude. He's driven (co-owns the successful The Toasted Frog restaurants), hip (yes, any guy who has multiple pairs of funky glasses is automatically hip) and all-in-all a super great guy. Last fall, Jon married his perfect match, Emily. And a couple weeks ago, I met Emily for the first time...

Yep, she's totally prego (and totally cute). Emily is the definition of a healthy and glowing mother-to-be and she and Jon couldn't be more excited to meet their new baby girl.

Jon and Emily expect their new bundle of joy later this week and I'm so thrilled for them. I can't wait to (officially) meet their new family member!