New Camera. New Photos.

Today was a long day as I not-so patiently waited for the FedEx man to arrive with my new camera. Okay, it's not brand spankin' new... it's actually a used Canon 5D Mark ii from KEH. But you wouldn't know it by looking at the thing. Not a scratch on it's beautiful body. An embarrassing fact? This is only the second camera I've ever owned, my first being the ancient Canon 10D (not counting my old Sears camera given to me by my grandfather and my dad's Canon F1, but I suppose he technically owns that guy). Since I've worked for Milestones Photography, Dave Arntson (owner, boss, Rush geek) has graciously allowed me to use the studio's equipment for personal use. While I appreciate his generosity, I thought it was about time for me to get my own camera. So I upgraded myself to the 5D mark ii.

Sure, I've used the mark ii before... but I really haven't been able to GET TO KNOW the mark ii. It's like going on a few dates vs. going steady... big difference. Anywho, enough with my mindless babbling.  Here are my first shots with the new camera all taken behind West Go Square in West Fargo.