It's been awhile since I've felt the desire to take a walk. Sad. Yes. But, I've never found it particularly appealing to take a walk around the block when it's below zero and icy. Lately, we've had some seasonably mild temperatures (yay! 35 above!) and like any good northerner, I'm slowly awakening from my winter hibernation. Good thing too, I think my daughter Edie was over due for a neighborhood walk. Taking a walk with a 19-month-old kid has been an eye opening experience for me. I've always been a lover of all things unnoticed, but her eye for detail puts me to shame. I can't wait to take many, many, many walks with daughter...

Early spring tends to be an ugly time of year in Minnesota. The once white snow and smooth ice melts slowly into the earth and becomes a dirty, deformed image of what it once was. But revealed underneath all that grey-brown sludge are things from our past just waiting to reveal themselves. I love spring. It's a time of renewal... we just have to go through a few weeks of ugliness before we get to the good stuff. In the meantime, we can enjoy our mono tone surroundings with fabulous textures and gentle surprises of color.

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