Life with... Evan + Heidi

A new personal project for 2011 is underway! On the the quest to document the every day lives of my friends and family, I introduce you to "Life with..." The idea came after a shoot (pictured below) with my wonderful friends Evan and Heidi who needed photographs of themselves hanging out. I've always enjoyed the idea of having a document of every day life and I believe there is something incredibly valuable about being able to look back on the simplicities of our daily routine. I hope this project will serve has a grand tool of nostalgia in 10, 20, 30 years for those I love the most.

Evan and Heidi are two of the most intelligent, humorous, hospitable and  loving friends one can have. They are a perfect team and I really have  enjoyed watching their relationship grow these last few years.

Our little family made our way to Grand Forks to visit them this weekend so you may notice a few pictures of our little Edie. Evan and Heidi make the best Aunt and Uncle... or as we like to call them: Faunt and Funcle.

On slightly unrelated note, they have the most amazing light in their house. I couldn't resist taking a few macro details.