Housebound #1

I titled this housebound #1, because I know there will probably be a second or a third installment. As some of you may know, the Red River Valley was struck with a super winter storm yesterday and we have just entered blizzard number two this evening. We were hoping to spend the New Year holiday with our great friends in St. Paul, but mother nature had a different plan. Instead, we've been housebound since yesterday morning and it doesn't look like we are going anywhere until Sunday. Boo. In any case, I'll hopefully get some valuable work done (ahem, etsy) and I'm sure I'll be taking a few photos here and there. First, a few pictures outside...

Yes, it really is as cold as it looks.

Edie has been handling the storm pretty well.

I think tomorrow I'm going have a full fledged photo adventure of my house... and maybe do a little cleaning . I never realized how spider webby the ceiling was in our basement. Wow.

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