Kulish Family!

I'm known Jaci Kulish for a very, very, very long time. We grew up in Dilworth, Minnesota together, we were in the same grade in elementary school and we were Brownie Girl Scouts together. In college, we both pursued photography (photojournalism for me, art photography for Jaci) and would see each other every once in awhile on campus. Fast forward a few years later, and we both have fantastic families and live just a few blocks from each other! Back when I was pregnant and thinking about cloth diapering my future baby, I knew Jaci was the lady to ask. She had cloth diapered her son and like many cloth diapering moms was super passionate about it. Jaci was such a fantastic resource and I credit her for making me 100% dedicated to cloth diapering. When she had her second son, I offered to photograph him and her family as a thank you gift. Well, you know how things go... try to set up something, doesn't happen... 10ish months later we finally made a date. We took a little walk in their neighborhood and grabbed just a few portaits.

By the way, I should mention that Jaci is a doula in the FM area (and if we ever have a second child you know we will be calling Jaci). You can check out her facebook page Peace Love Birth right here.

Now, pictures!

Oooh... and one more Jaci!