Richardson Family

A sad fact about photographers is that we are (generally) really, really bad at being in family photos. Sure, we have tons of pictures of our kids, spouses, friends and relatives. But, when it comes to actually being in the photo... well, lets just say it can go YEARS before we are documented as part of the family. I still need to get better about being in my own family photos (I already have a session on the que with one of my fave people in the upcoming weeks)... but, I try to make up for it by photographing my photo friends and their wonderful families. Chad Richardson is a wedding photojournalist based out of Hastings, Minn. I met Chad and his wife Lisa a few years ago at an annual photo event held at the Milestones Photography studio. Since then, Lisa has become one of my favorite facebook friends and Chad one of my favorite photographers. While down in the Twin Cities last weekend, I photographed the awesome duo along with their hilarious (and very photogenic) son Gabe and their sweet baby daughter Luci.

Chad and Lisa: Thanks for letting me document your family and for the amazing Puerto Rican food that followed :)