Winnipeg Folk Festival '10: Part 1 (Campground)

The little TrygKerz family is fresh from our annual vacation to the Winnipeg Folk Festival. For those who are not aware of the WFF, it is a yearly folk music festival in Birds Hill Provincial Park just north of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. This year was the 37th year of the festival and I have been going to the festival every year since 2004. Well, almost every year... I only missed last year because I was big and pregnant. I have lots and lots of photographs from the week, so I am breaking up these photos into three parts. First, the campground. Second, the festival surroundings. Lastly, the on stage music. I was lucky to have a media pass this year thanks to the nice folks at the High Plains Reader. Y'all will hopefully get to see some of these photos in there within the next few weeks too along with a nice little profile of the WFF that my husband Kris wrote.

So. Yes. Campground. There really isn't any place in the world quite like festival camping at the Winnipeg Folk Festival. Marching band? Check. Mini-stages. Check. Fun Games made by campers? Check. General awesomeness? Check. This year, we had our 11 month old daughter with us so I was unable to explore the campground at night (unable because herding a 11 month old is really, really, really exhausting). Too bad though. That's really when the fun happens. I was able to capture some fun stuff during the day though.... enough babbling... here you go: