Ashley's Wedding Dress: First Fitting

Awhile ago, my friend Ashley asked me if I'd be willing to document the making of her wedding dress. I jumped at the opportunity, and not only because Ashley is one of the coolest and cutest people I know. I've been looking for a project to work on my own that isn't considered work and this fit the bill quite well. It even combined one of my new interests... sewing! Ashley's dressmaker is Cindy Keding, costume shop manager at NDSU and costume director for Trollwood Performing Arts. Cindy is extremely talented and I can't wait to follow her as she makes this beautiful dress.

Last week, Ashley had her first dress fitting. The dress is simply broad cloth at this point and the fabric purchase is on the horizon (including some beautiful lace).

Oh, and did I mention that Ashley is a tiny bit dorky too? :)