Portrait FAQs


      Portrait FAQs



      A full session (the Option Awesome and Option Rad Collections) include about an hour of photography plus 30+ fully edited images in an online proofing site. Option Awesome, the most popular option, includes all the high resolution files as digital downloads from the online proof site. Option Rad includes 15 images of your choice as digital downloads. Whether your choose Option Awesome or Option Rad, all images in your gallery are available for prints and products.

      I also offer a mini-session collection called Option Cool. Included with Option Cool is 20-30 minutes of photography plus 15 full edited images in an online proofing site. This collection includes 5 images of your choice as digital downloads. You may purchase all 15 images for an additional $100. As with Option Awesome and Option Rad, all the images in our gallery are available for purchase as prints or other products.    


      Can I upgrade my collection after the photos are released?

      Absolutely! If you opt for Option Rad when you book, you may upgrade to Option Awesome at any time. Since Option Cool is a mini session and is structured differently, there are no upgrade options for that collection except purchasing all the edited images from your session. 


      I’m interested in one of your bundles. How do they work?

      There is nothing that makes me more happy than seeing my clients more than once a year. That’s why I created bundles! At the base of each bundle is an Option Awesome (full) session. From there, I’ve added extra full sessions and/or mini sessions at a reduced cost to create a year of picture taking fun. Some bundles include products too! Bundles must be completed within the calendar year (unless previously discussed with Britta) and determined during the booking process.

      If your ideal bundle combination is not listed on my website, I’d be more than happy to create one that fits your needs. 


      What if I would rather have Option Rad as my Bundle Base?

      No problem! Those who rather just have 15 images of their choice as digital downloads from each session in their bundle will receive $150 off the total cost.  



      Certain times of the year fill up faster than others. To be safe, try to schedule your session at least 4 to 6 weeks in advance.



      Yes, each collection includes at least a few high resolution files as digital downloads. As mentioned above, Option Awesome includes all the edited images, Option Rad includes 15 images of your choice, and Option Cool includes 5 images of your choice (unless you upgrade for the upgrade, which would include 15 images).


      Where will the session take place?

      All sessions are shot at a location of your choice. I believe that great moments begin in comfortable environments. That’s why I suggest choosing a location that means a lot to you – perhaps that means taking a stroll to your favorite park, a trip to the local zoo or maybe staying in and taking advantage of the comfort of your own home.  


      Can we do our session in your studio?

      For couples, one child or one adult, I’m more than happy to open up my studio for sessions. That said, the studio doesn’t work well for groups of 3+ due to it’s size. I’d be happy to help you brainstorm other locations for your session. 


      What happens if we have to reschedule?

      Life happens, so please don’t hesitate to reschedule your session. There is no charge to reschedule and I’ll try my best to find a new time that will fit both our schedules.

      Do you retouch the images?


      I believe that life is beautiful just the way it is – even if it is chaotic at times. So, it’s my philosophy not to completely retouch images (i.e. no swapping heads or removing braces). That being said, basic retouching, such as getting rid of blemishes, under eye circles or that purple bruise on your kiddos forehead is always included at no extra cost.


      How long do the photos take to get back?

      Anywhere from two to four weeks, depending on the time of the year (summer and fall are busier than winter and spring). I will discuss the timeline with you during our session.


      Every couple months, I find myself in other parts of the region, whether it’s central North Dakota, the Grand Forks area, or Minneapolis/St. Paul. I’ll always announce coming to these locations in advance, so stay tuned to the blog and my Facebook page (where you can also make suggestions for my next destination). Other than these times and locations, I am willing to travel out of the 30 mile radius of Fargo-Moorhead for a fee. Please contact me with questions.



      There is nothing more beautiful than a person being themselves so I always encourage you to dress the way you love. Solid colors tend to work best for photographs but don’t let that stop you from busting out some fabulous patterns. General rules of thumb: be wary of contradicting colors and patterns, try not to wear branded clothing (remember Zubas?) and avoid flourescent colors at all costs. Use your best judgement and don’t be shy to ask my opinion.