Will in Spring. Will in Fall.

Woh. Woh. Woh. You know you SERIOUSLY have been a bad photo blogger when you notice the last portrait session you’ve posted was from this spring. Dude, that’s a whole 6 months. Three whole seasons. Bad, bad, bad blogger. My summer and early autumn was FILLED with awesome portrait sessions, and I’ll do my best to show you a few of my favorite images over the next few weeks.

Today you get a two for one post.  Both sessions are of the darling Will and his awesome family – though a good 6 months separate the sessions. The first session was in May to celebrate his first birthday. I happened to be going through MSP in late May, so I was able to photograph this adorable family on their own turf. These three seriously make me smile.

Towards the end of September, I photographed these three again, this time in the backyard of mum Angela’s childhood home. Even though the usually smiley Will was having a bit of a surly morning and the mosquitos were ravenous, we managed to get a few fun photographs. Grandma and Grandpa even snuck in for a few.


Golden Dalek (& the Log Lady/Baby)

Another awesome Halloween last night, huh? Sure, it was a little on the cool side, but a little seasonal weather didn’t stop Halloween in our little neighborhood. Lots of ghouls and goblins running around, tricking and treating (but mostly treating).

This year, our daughter Edith decided she wanted to go as a golden Dalek. Some of you already know that we’re BIG Doctor Who fans in our household – and Edie, who was indoctrinated into Doctor Who fandom at a very young age, loves the bad-guy Daleks the best. So, when she asked to be a golden Dalek for Halloween, I jumped at the chance to make her a costume. She looked pretty rad – and she declared “EXTERMINATE or TREAT” at every house. I was a proud. mum.

Normally, I’m not very good at putting a costume together for myself, but this year my husband had the most brilliant combo costume idea for me and our new baby Anton… the Log Lady and log. We’ve been watching a whole lot of Twin Peaks lately, so it seemed like the perfect costume idea. Doesn’t Anton make a perfect log?


Welcome Anton!

Woh! Look at that. I’m now a mother of two! One week ago our little Anton arrived and our little family has been lovin’, snugglin’, and kissin’ him since.

I’m officially on maternity leave now through December – though since the little dude came a whole week earlier than expected,  I do plan to squeeze in a moment or two to finish up some lingering things on my list. I’ll try me best to answer emails in good time, though please be patient… there is a lot of lovin’, snugglin’ and kissin’ to do. I just can’t help myself.