Welcome Evelyn!

Please forgive me, I’m sharing a lot of photos here. I simply can’t restrain myself when I become emotionally attached to images, especially when the images are of a family I just adore to pieces.

You’ve seen the Holth’s on the blog before. Most recently, I photographed their surprise vow renewal in October. You might recall that at the time beautiful Emily was very, very, very pregnant. Due in late January, her baby girl decided to enter this world early, as a bit of a Thanksgiving surprise and after nearly a month in the NICU, baby Evelyn was taken home. I met her for the first time this January. She is so, so, beautiful and calm. Absolutely perfect.

It’s amazing to look back at her big sister’s newborn pictures and recall how tiny and fragile Sophia once was. Now, Sophia’s working on being the best big sister of all time. So lovely.

Krista + Shane: The Winter Engagement Session

It’s been a tough, cold winter here in the upper, upper, upper midwest. Warm winter days are few and far between and we are instead left with dangerously cold temperatures with a strong wind accompaniment.  But then… every once in a while… BAM! Warm day! Everyone gets excited and happy, and I start itching to take pictures outside. Lucky for me, I have some awesome clients who love winter – making finding a subject extremely easy.

Krista and Shane will be married in August but mentioned to me that they hoped to sneak outside for a few winter wonderland engagement portraits. While I plan to venture out to their farm to finish up their session this spring (which, I’m pretty darn excited about), we took advantage of our one nice winter day and headed to Edgewood Golf Course on the north side of Fargo. We had to dodge a few sledders and trek through some pretty thick snow, making it a super fun adventure. Their pup Milo snuck in for a picture too. I’m a fan of Milo.