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Merry Mo

It’s hard to believe it’s been over five years since I shared a desk and many laughs with Morea. We bothView full post »


Believe it or not, but I’ve been thinking about blogging a lot recently. I’ve even attempted to write a postView full post »


This is Kendra; an über sweet, beautiful, talented, 15-going-on-28-year-old aspiring model/entrepreneur/motivationalView full post »

Get Documented

A sad and very true fact about photographers is that we are the WORST at being in photos. Maybe it’s the becauseView full post »

Mo + Papo + Shovels + Bitter Cold

It’s really, really cold here in the northland today. Like below zero cold… -4°F to be exact. But, thatView full post »

Random Penny images

…more studio fun… …and Dave, plus Mr. Fox…View full post »

Shawna & Kory

Hey blog friends, sorry I’ve had such a posting lull. It’s not that I’m not taking pictures, it’View full post »


Penny! Penny is my new coworker at Milestones… now my new victim for studio stuff… mmmhahah!View full post »

Thom Caraway

Here are few pictures of friend and poet Thom Caraway. We’ve tried to get together since last fall to get anView full post »

Katie Lewis

Katie Lewis and I met a few years ago at MSUM, where we dared to be photojournalism majors. In 2004, with a bunch ofView full post »