Howdy, I’m Britta

      I’m so very happy you could stop by this little corner of the interwebs. As the name suggests, I take photographs for a living. But I think I do a lot more than that. I consider myself a storyteller who uses my camera to capture one beautiful moment at the time.


      I’ve been doing this thing for a while

      You guys, time is a crazier trickster. In my mind, I’ve only been doing this gig since last week. But in all reality, I’ve been fortunate to have been photographing faces professionally since 2005 when as a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed journalism major, I started off as an intern (and eventual photographer/editor/phone person/butt of many jokes) for a studio called Milestones Photography.

      We were North Dakota’s first studio specializing in Wedding Photojournalism and it was at that little studio where I garnered dozens of awards through the Wedding Photo Journalist Association (WPJA). But more importantly, I gained an appreciation for documenting moments big and small.

      In 2012, after seven years as an employee, my entrepreneurial instincts finally kicked in and I launched my own business. I’ve been known as Britta the Photographer ever since.


      This is what I do

      They tell you in BUSINESS OF PHOTOGRAPHY 101 that you need to narrow down what you do to one specialization. The thing is, for me at least, it’s not about being a so-called expert in one specific thing. This job is more than snapping a few pretty pictures in exchange for a little cash and a high-five. It’s about preserving a memory for the future and about showing the world who you are today. Whether I photograph your family or your business, I believe your story is a mighty good one and deserves to be captured honestly.

      But, since we live in a world of little boxes, I can tell you that I “specialize” in honest portraiture for kids, families, high school seniors and professionals. I document moments for families and I document moments for businesses.

      And in 2017, in order to better serve future wedding clients, I co-launched Here’s to the Hearts with my pal (and fellow lover of honest moments) Penny Burns of Northern Stories. Together we’re working together as a lean, mean (well, more goofy than mean) wedding photography team.


      Photography isn’t my life

      Sure, it’s a big part of my life, but it’s not my life. When I’m not taking your pictures, I share my life with my family: a delightful husband, two crazy kiddos, furry kitty and a fuzzy bunny named Rory. I’m a big fan of everyday joys: good coffee, fine beer, public radio, mid-century modern design magazines and nice long bike rides to Dairy Queen. And I like the big stuff too: travel, adventures, fancy dinners and celebrations of all sorts.